What’s in The Weekly Distillation?

Distillation - the extraction of the essential meaning or most important aspects of something. (Oxford English Dictionary)

I write for people who are busy but interested to learn about themes and trends that will shape their context. From business to terrorism, Scotland to Argentina, technology to minimalism, I curate content that helps you with short relevant insights, original content and a long-form read. With maybe some whisky and gin chat too.

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Who am I?

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have over two decades of experience in finance including time in equity research, fund management, corporate accelerators, private equity, corporate banking, corporate finance and seed funding.

I've also spent time working as CEO, COO or CFO at various small enterprises in the business and charity world. I do the occasional non-executive director or voluntary role.

I spend a lot of time talking with people who have ideas for new things, or have recently launched new ventures, helping them develop concepts, secure finance and build the right type of systems and processes.

I've also done some studies in the combating terrorism field. Just because.

I am writing this newsletter because:

1) I love writing and people seem to appreciate it

2) People tell me I read broadly and can condense and communicate the key themes clearly and relevantly.

Most importantly, I hope this adds some value to your week.

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